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Notebook 1994

Date: 1994

Notebook 1994 is a collection of drafts, trials, apercus.

With August comes the sudden thought
     that summer will not last.

The thought is old, and can't be taught,
     nor noticed till it's past.

Dreams will start to lengthen,
     ideas cling together,

Ambition starts to strengthen,
     and the subject goes to weather.


Why are witches women?

Why are devils men?


Minced Words

For read read read.
Yes meaning no.

Don't take no for an answer.

Revolving doors let you
in when you're out.
Revolving doors when
you're in let you out.


When I was chaste
I was chased.

*Notebook 1995 is a notebook of drafts and

It's time to rhyme
in a different way
the melody of time has changed

Tomorrow is a word for time
Yesterday is too
Today moves, but not that way,
Today how do you do.

Satire is from the back seat

Paradise is a memory of

The beauty will gradually be perceived.

I once knew a cat
named Helen of Troy

When climbing a tree
I saw she was a boy

It's a good idea to begin writing
a poem about the first of May
in November or December, when
you feel a desperate need for May