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Notebook 1995

Date: 1995

How to Hang a Picture

In every interior there is a nail somewhere,
hang the picture on that nail.
Make enough words go together
until they start another line.
It doesn't matter what the words mean.
When they are read they will be read.
Such an arrangement made of
itself must have some length,
as if words have weight.
Finally when many words
have accumulated and a few
pages of words have been written
there will be something to read.
This is fiction.


Do not think
less of her who goes
first and foremost to
the rescue of the
vanishing moment in the
movements she designs
for her dancers


I have decided to write about my paintings as I paint them in order to remember the images which I copy. I don't intend to write how something gets placed or anything about emotion, because I can't. Just what is what and where it came from and the source.

In this notebook he writes about "Cubist Collection" (Cubist Cache) and School of Photorealism.