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Notebook 2007

Date: 2007

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March 16.
The Moleskin
legendary notebook
by Ulla Dydo
(The notebook was a gift of Ulla Dydo to George Deem

What has led us to this?
Could it be the potted geranium
Could it be the shirt I left
All is possible with this
distinguished handwriting
while time whittles away.

Watching the earth tilt
summer away
and it's noon all day
Hello October

Vermeer's "genius" to use the term in its simple and ancient meaning of ingenium:  the inner qualities of a thing, the natural predispositions of human beings, their intellectual aptitudes, talents, inventiveness, inspiration, genius.

Now, that we have so much
information we learn more
but forget what was learned
Once, when there was
less to know we remembered more

At this time, in the cosmos
Of where the earth exists
the planet earth is
on its side. This may
have happened before, but is
not known in scientific
measurement. This is why
the waters and temperatures
are disturbed. 

Dispel: not today. 
Today is for frogs.
We have all the time
in the world.
We are knee deep
in accretions.

Images that are not
Images recalled.

It's gotten down to 
experiences remembered.

Remembering is the
new thrill.

an experience that is
yet to happen.
the anticipated moment
that could actually
happen is now a memory

the calmer the beat
the truer
Acceleration can
include lies.

are you old enough
to lie?

are you too old to lie?

this is the day of salt.

On Flossing

It's not who you are
It's who you aren't.

It's not what you know,
It's what you don't know.

It's not what you do
It's what you don't do.

Lintel is a door

Lentil is a bean