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November 2 2007

Date: 2007

 November 2, 2007

must write this down. They were talking about high-wire acts and trapeze acts and I didn't have anything to add to that. The dinner party was now drinking coffee, some still had a bit of red wine in their glasses. I was waiting for the coffee hit, then I would probably come up with some comment and join in the party. If they would get off the high-wire act and perhaps come down to the merry-go-round, I would have something to say. I have ridden on every merry-go-round that I have seen, even to the embarrassment of the friends I was with. Me at this age, riding a merry-go-round. It's something I think I will always do. It's such a simple enjoyment going round and round with the colored wooden horses and other animals.

She had green gloves on when she came in but I don't know what she did with them. It was so natural for her to talk about everything with such delight and experience. He was very nice, but I wondered what he and I would say to one another if we were left alone. What a dreaded idea if I were to visit them and she wasn't there. I would say those general things one says when they are not thinking of where they are and who they are. It's important not to get into such situations. There is another couple with us whom I have known even before I moved here. When other people are added to their visit, we all have a tendency to fall back and let the newly met people guide the conversation. None of us is comfortable at first. In a while, of course, everyone is in conversation and usually someone says something that warms the group, so that everyone can go further with their personalities.

---George Deem
                              November 2, 2007