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Vermeer Interior

Medium:Oil on canvas
Size inches:c. 28 1/4 x 35 3/4
Size cm:72 x 91
Signature:Probably signed on the reverse
Location:Robert H. Orchard Collection, St. Louis, Missouri

In (a) painting based onThe Art of PaintingtitledEasel Painting(1976), Deem moves Vermeer's subject ahead in time. InEasel Painting, the artist and model have left the studio, leaving the completed painting displayed prominently on its easel, positioned within the precise room environment established by Vermeer. In another painting from the same year titledVermeer Interior, Deem reconceptualizesThe Artof Paintingwithin the context of Vermeer'sThe Music Lesson. To create this work, Deem widens the space of the room, adjusts the lighting, moves the figure of the artist closer to the viewer, and creates a platform on which he can be placed so that his same posture and position is maintained. In bothEasel PaintingandVermeer Interior, Deem conveys much of the essential character of Vermeer -- his choice of palette, calculated compositional design, and attention to natural light -- yet through his combinations and extensions of original Vermeer ideas Deem asserts a new dynamic that is all his own. (Marguerite Anne Glass,Vermeer In Dialogue: From Appropriation ToResponse, PhD Dissertation, 2003, Department of American Studies, University of Maryland

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