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Van Gogh's Bedroom at Arles

Medium:Oil on canvas with 3 framed and matted colorprints 14 x 40 inches. Total dimensions of work 47 x 40 inches
Size inches:Total: 47 x 40.
Size cm:119.4 x 101.6
Location:Work destroyed by the artist

Recently another phase of variations on van Gogh emerged, which is dominated by American artists. ... In 1976 (Robert) Amft ... painted a landscape after van Gogh's The Starry Night of 1889 ... and in 1977, Bedroom in Arles, introducing a TV set on the chair facing the bed. Another American artist, George Deem, also focused on van Gogh's personally significant Bedroom in Arles, using the three versions of the theme for a conceptual new juxtaposition. (Udo Kultermann, "Van Gogh in Contemporary Art," Art Voices/South, February? 1979)

Deem's reworking of Van Gogh'sBedroom at Arlesis no attempt to copy, but rather a reinterpretation of the space, the paint, and the emotional quality of the original. The image is classicized, Italianized, made substantial; the perspective becomes more nearly correct, the paint less self-proclaiming. (Richard Kubiak,Deja-Vu: Masterpieces Updatedexhibition catalogue, 1981).

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